Frequently Asked Questions


How it works.


Payscope surveys should consider all figures as total compensation, not base salary. Employers should enter the estimated top level compensation for the position on the budget line when creating surveys.

Total compensation should be the annual expected value of the sum of base salary, bonus, commission, and/or rquity grants/options. Other benefits that are difficult to quantify should not be included. The intention of the survey is to establish a ballpark, so smaller variables do not need to be considered at this stage.

In addition to saving time and expense for both sides, using a confidential survey signals fairness and will help you attract better candidates. Experienced employees understand that it's better to wait for an offer before discussing compensation. A fair and confidential process would encourage them to spend effort to interview with you, knowing that they can receive a good offer.

Many states are also enacting laws that forbid asking candidates for their salary history. Using a survey is a win-win solution that expedites the interview process.

No, the employer will only see the candidate's name, email, and a yes/no answer for whether their target compensation is within the budget they had set.

No, budgets cannot be changed. This is to prevent gaming where an employer adjusts the budget to reveal response figures.

No, employers should set a maximum budget for the position. This way the most number of interviews would not be wasted time because a figure cannot be agreed upon.

No, only employers see whether or not a candidate is within budget. This is to prevent gaming of responses to reveal budgets, and also to give employers the option to interview if they decide to raise their budget. If you are called in for interviews, it's safe to say you can agree upon a compensation package.

Go ahead and put one dollar as your survey response. The employer will only see that you are within budget, so this will not cause you to receive a lower offer.

Yes, you can edit responses on the "My Jobs" page, or simply submit your response to the survey again and it will replace your previous response.


How we handle your data.


All data is transferred through HTTPS and stored on an encrypted server. We also do not have to store passwords by using social and email link sign-in.

Furthermore, all survey data is deleted upon expiration of the survey.

Payscope uses Google Analytics with disabled user ID tracking and anonymized IP addresses. We have opted out from data sharing with Google and data collection for advertizing.

Email is used to authenticate and identify users, with names being used as a backup identifier in case the email is different from what an employer or candidate expects (such as when social sign-in has another associated email). Authentication ensures that responses are valid and from the right person, and helps prevent spamming.

Survey responses are only seen by the employer that created the survey. The employer will see the applicant's name, email, and a yes/no answer for whether their target compensation is within the budget they had set.

Survey data is not shared with third parties. Payscope will not reveal survey respondents' identities, budgets, nor pay expectations whether directly or through anonymized data.

Surveys are active for 90 days. After that, the surveys and their response data are deleted from our database.

Yes, surveys and individual responses can be deleted by the user. Deleting your account will also remove your personal information along with any surveys and responses.