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Avoid time consuming interviews and technical screenings where salary expectations do not match anyway.


Signal fair compensation and respect for an applicant's time, and encourage the best talent to take the time to interview.


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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Why should an employer use this survey?

In addition to saving time and expense for both sides, using a confidential survey can improve employer branding and candidate experience. Payscope gives candidates confidence that their salary requirements can be met, without having them feel disadvantaged.

Does the budget in surveys mean base salary or total compensation?

Payscope surveys should consider all figures as total compensation, not base salary. Employers should enter the estimated top level compensation for the position on the budget line when creating surveys.

Do employers see their candidate's salary requirements?

No, the employer will only see the candidate's name, email, and a yes/no answer for whether their target compensation is within the budget they had set.

Do candidates see the results of the survey?

No, only employers see whether or not a candidate is within budget. This is to prevent gaming of responses to reveal budgets, and also to give employers the option to interview if they decide to raise their budget.